Why Work with Stryker?

Commercial Construction Specialist

Stryker Construction is highly specialized in commercial construction projects. We have developed a process for clearly understanding what our customers want by analyzing the small details of what they desire and have documented systems for providing our clients with premium construction services.

Robust Project Management Software

Stryker’s project management software allows clients to view and follow the progress of their project through their own private login and web page. Through this portal, clients can access job information including weekly updates, photos, schedules, bids, change orders, finishes, and warranty information. 

Versatility and Diversity of Projects 

We understand the unique needs of clients across many industries. Stryker analyzes the environment to determine the right team and plan to put into place. From pharmaceutical cleanroom environments to an occupied remodel in an office building, we draw from our years of diverse expertise and well-established processes to ensure your project is a success.

Distinguished Expertise in the Field

Our superintendents bring more than 30 years of experience in the commercial construction market. This expertise gives them the foresight to see problems before they actually occur–– striking quickly to effectively address them before they affect the project. Our professionals manage projects in the proper sequence to keep disruption to your business to a minimum.

Documented Quality Standards

Our documented quality standards provide our clients with a trusting knowledge that we will deliver on the same high-quality product time and again. These standards ensure we stay on target with the planned schedule and make customers’ lives easier.

The “Heartbeat”

We review our “Heartbeat Checklist” weekly to ensure projects are on schedule, running smoothly, issues are resolved and to make sure clients are happy.  This is how we check the pulse of your project from start to finish!

Strong Relationships with Subcontractors

We have strong and long-standing relationships with subcontractors that specialize in Commercial construction. Our subcontractors are highly vetted and have a proven understanding of our process working in a vast array of environments.

Years of Experience Working with Municipalities

Our many years of experience within the St. Louis area has helped us create relationships with the various municipalities. Stryker knows who to call to get inspections done and how to navigate permit policies to keep the process moving along.

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